Analytics for your pharmacy

Knowledge is power, and with PHOX DASH, you have the tools to easily identify and capitalize on lost revenue sources and make your team more efficient!


Inventory Management

PHOX DASH analyzes your dispensing trends and on-hand inventory, and suggests orders  customized for your business needs to ensure that you always have just the right amount of each medication in stock. This eliminates multiple reorders of the same medications, and owing supplies, while ensuring that you do not have too much of any medication sitting on your shelves; giving your team more time to focus on other business.

  • Simplify ordering
  • Make the most of your marketing partnerships
  • Easily manage and avoid backorders
  • Increase revenue
  • Eliminate owings
  • Make your team more efficient
  • Reduce inventory reordering
Services Identifier

PHOX DASH identifies and flags patients due for pharmaceutical services such as MedsChecks, and flu shots and assists you in arranging appointments, and sending reminders to patients. 

  • Optimize patient health outcomes
  • Increase revenue through pharmaceutical services
Refill Rx Reminder

PHOX DASH will remind you of any patient that is past due for their medications and provide you with the tools to easily followup with the click of a button.

  • Improve patient compliance
  • Optimize patient health outcomes
  • Capture forgotten prescriptions
Pharmacy Insights

PHOX DASH provides live insights and visualizations of how you business is doing

  • Identifies potential revenue sources 
  • Provides insight into current revenue and sales trends
GreenShield Report Car Analysis (Coming soon)

Gain insight into your GreenShield Report Card, and identify factors that may be reducing your grade and avoid losing your dispensing fees