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Our Recent Releases


  • Save Feature updates
  • Flow Updates
  • User routed to Medscheck Dashboard upon submission.
  • Notification issues in Provider Notification
  • RX/OTC/NHP pre-populated based on drug
  • Indications auto populate


Nexxsys Blister Pack Grids: the word 'null' No longer appears when populating.

New form: Assure Blister Pack Grid form 

New form: Greenshield Blister Pack Request. (Beta release)

Upcoming over the next 2 weeks:

  • Fax/Text/E-mail forms Dashboard!
  • Phox Dash Overhaul Release
  • New forms!
  • Navigation Bar Update
  • Mobile signature pad support
  • Footer link updates
  • Medscheck Button Update
  • Medscheck Field Updates
  • Navigation Bar Icon Update
  • Phox 2Ship Beta Release
  • User Roles by Pharmacy Admins
  • Security Updates
  • Backend Optimization

Features In The Works

  • Pre-filled FLU Consent form
  • Secure SMS and Email signature capture
  • Pharmaceutical Services Dashboard tracking completed services and potential service revenue

Phox Dash Feature evaluating dispensing trends and recommending stock levels to ensure maximum product availability to your patients while controlling drug costs